DIY gloves

Zombie mittens made from old socks... What is there not to love about this project? It´s trashion plus the mittens will have a lovely grim face on them. Perfect for chilly Monday mornings! Sure you could make them to look like Hello Kitty or some other cute critter, if the socks you use for this are pink or some other lovingly girlish color.. But I´ll leave them to other people. I just couldn´t take myself seriously in pink mittens. Tutorial by Tucker at Cut Out And Keep craft community.

And if you want to take your DIY gloves a notch higher level, I recommend checking out´s glove tutorial (with patters). They show how it´s done propely. As material you could use old tees or thrifted laces for example. For making leather gloves, check out the tutorial on Gloves don´t really require a lot of material to make, so they are a perfect project for fabric scraps. And you´ll get matching gloves for your outfit. I´m a sucker for chic hand wearables.

Top image "Glove gestures" by Im fond of Tea.

Outi Les Pyy

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