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I collect old (pharmacy) bottles and jars from the fleamarkets. I use most of them for spices and tea and some to storage for my craft supplies. Labels have always been a small problem as I love the 1890´s look, but I´ve never seen such labels with correct texts sold anywhere. iDIY tutorials (my newest fav blog!) directed me to Eat Drink Chic which has released some free(!) bottle label-templates and instructions on how to make the labels look aged. I plan to scan the template and rewrite some of the texts with new ones using Photoshop and an old typewriter fond. It´s so much easier when someone has done the layout ready. If you ever make something this cool, please share it online with the rest of us! Finding these saved my weekend.

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EatDrinkChic apothecary bottles 1

Eat Drik Chic label tutorials:
Vintage apothecary labels
Tea cannister labels and tutorial
Herb and spice bottle labels (with coffee ageing staining tutorial)
Oil and vinegar labels

If you couldn´t find your favorite among these, Eat Drink Chic recommends buying The Handy Book of Artistic Printing by Doug Clouse and Angela Voulangas. It contains the most inspiring and beautiful collection of ornamental vintage graphics. A great addition to your design inspiration library and to upgrade your Etsy product labels or business cards!

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EatDrinkChic oil vinegar box labels

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I love these :) Just had a catch up of your previous posts, I love how you feature the quirky side of fashion. You've got a great blog :)