Trashion umbrella dresses

Couture dresses from rain umbrellas... Yup, this is true trashion design for you, and this ain´t new. Evening wear made from umbrellas was actually one of the first trashion designs that caught my eye three years ago when I was starting my blog and found the works of FiftyRx3 aka Jill Danyelle. This dress below is from the Ethical Fashion Show from way back in 2006. Rainer Wolter's design, Umbrella Redesign, won the first TreeHugger design competition, in collaboration with I.D. Magazine and the Sustainable Style Foundation. The umbrella and fashion finalists featured also in I.D. Magazine's December 2006 New and Notable Issue. My favorite part in the dress is the umbrella pins used as corset bones. If a recycle design looks fresh after 3 years (and it does!), I say it´s a trashion classic in the making.

Girls Gone Styled Episode 3: The Green Episode, interview with Rainer Wolter.
Episode 3: The Green Episode, with Rainer Wolter

Broken Umbrella Archive NYC.
Flickr Sad Umbrellas group.

Via The Eventually Will By List.
Runway photos courtesy of Yann Coste.

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  1. Thats amazing...I'd never have thought of it, but a great idea