Gadofka braids

Gadofka braided fabric scrap dress 1

So often I see recycle crafts meaning boring a-line dresses and skirts made from 70´s curtains. Who wears them? Well maybe some people, but they sure don´t get a lot of editorial notes (unless 70´s happens to be a big trend at the moment). A dress made from curtains hasn´t really been news since Sound Of Music came out so why are so many people still making them? The idea and material is still good, but the design need something extra. And just adding appliques ain´t it. One of the main reasons for me to write this blog is to inspire other recycle designers to improve their design level by showing clever and beautiful designs that I believe can be implemented in recycle fashions. Take this lovely dress design by Gadofka for example. The braided detail in the collar can be made from the scraps left over from cutting the dress pattern. They don´t even need to be the same fabric, any kind of fabric that can be ripped by hand will do. Or use recycled tights to make the braids! After braiding the fabric strips, the braids will have to be sewn in form by hand. For other detailing ideas, check out my post on Leanimal and Copy Of An Imitation. Of course handsewn details adds time in making of the garment, but it will be worth it. As Queen Michelle put it, the dress is "stunning".

Gadofka braided fabric scrap dress 2

Photos from Not Just A Label, found via Kingdom Of Style.

Outi Les Pyy

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