Malou Paul contemporary jewelry

Malou Paul jewelry 6

Malou Paul makes contemporary jewelry from materials that to many seen worthless. Cotton swabs, coffee spoons, tyraps, household sponges, fabric and metal scrap. You can see pictures of her works also in her Flickr Gallery. The necklace in the top image is made from tea-eggs and secondhand chain.

Made out of sponge, wool, scrap textiles, fake pearls, silkfibers and beads.
Malou Paul jewelry 2

Made out of draincap, red wool.
Malou Paul jewelry 1

Made out of sponge, beads, fake pearls, lace, scrap textiles and zipper.
Malou Paul jewelry 3

Made out of sponge, fake pearls, beads, wool, scrap textiles, zipper.
Malou Paul jewelry 4

Made out of tea-egg, pink wool.
Malou Paul jewelry 5

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. First necklace is just brilliant! Thanks for sharing =)

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