Outsapop fleamarket Summer sale!

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I´m going to Valtteri fleamarket in Helsinki this Sunday to sell some of my clothes. Pencil skirts, blazers, shirts, tops, jeans (Diesel), boots, bags, heels, jewelry.. Pretty much anything found from a girls wardrobe + music. Everything´s gotto go, so prices start at a wopping 1 euro. I took some pics of the clothes and shoes coming for sale (sizes EUR 40-44, shoes 39-40). The pics are pretty bad and I promise the clothes look better in real life :) I´ll wash and iron all before Sunday. And this is definately all, just a fraction of what´s coming for sale. I´m also selling some of my DIY shredded Marimekko tees and DIY lego jewelry. Hope to see you there on Sunday!

Valtteri open 9-15. Any questions, email me!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Ah!!! I wish I could go. I can't wait until I go back to Helsinki!

  2. if you don't sell those green and blue mary janes - and if they are size 40 - would you consider selling them to me? I love them - but I'm in the US!

  3. They´re yours Fleur_delicious if you want! I need to practise on my Etsy shop anyway :) How does 10 $ + postals sound?

  4. Yes, thank you! I've sent you an email with my info for shipping and paypal billing? (or should I go to your etsy shop?)