Sauvage inspiration

Belle Sauvage Mini Cape 2
Belle Sauvage Mini Cape 1

I found this Belle Sauvage cropped cape/jacket from My Sugarland webstore yesterday. I love the butterfly shape on this piece. The sleeves are constructed beautifully with gatherings. First I thought this piece is a cape, where the sleeves are mearly shoulder ruffles going from front to back, but not around the arm. It would be simpler and a lot quicker to do than to change the entire sleeve pattern. I would make this by using an old leather jacket as bodice and possible satin,lace or secondhand silk scarfs in sleeves. If you do figure out the pattern, this jacket-capelet is one of those pieces that you should hold on to. This should be put into serial production for you Etsy-people! I predict if you make it in three sizes (S-L) and by order only, it will sell like milk and butter and secure your sales for the rest of the year.

Belle Sauvage Mini Cape 3
Belle Sauvage Mini Cape 4

Photos Shop Belle Sauvage and My Sugarland.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. the jacket is lovely but i have a question for you. Why do you motivate people to copy and make money out of other people's ideas and hard work? ...

    I like your posts a lot but encouraging people to do this just doesn't feel right.

  2. This post explains how I feel about this copying / being inspired -issue.