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Anna Piaggi 1970

Anna Piaggi is one of my style idols. The former editor of Vogue Italia signature look is 20´s styled curled blue hair, charcoal lined eyes, imagenary hats, colorful styling, mix´n´match prints, canes, gloves... The amount of details is astounding but yet they all are carefully thought through. Wikipedia says "Piaggi has a large clothes collection, including 2865 dresses and 265 pairs of shoes, according to a 2006 exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (but how many hats??). She dresses in an exuberant, unique and eclectic way, never appearing in the same outfit more than once in public. Such is her influence and knowledge in the fashion world, Manolo Blahnik has dubbed her 'The world's last great authority on frocks'". Her style is so out there and so over the top that she cannot be anything but a fashion icon. I follow her "front row looks" regulary online and I´ve dedicated one entire inspiration photo folder for her. I´ll propably have to color my hair blue/black again sometime soon just to get those same curls...

Anna Piaggi in  Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
Anna Piaggi Vogue Italia 2004
Anna Piaggi first row 5
Anna Piaggi first row 6
Anna Piaggi first row 4
Anna Piaggi
Anna Piaggi first row 2
Anna Piaggi

Photos via and Google image search.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I think can all agree that she is amazing. Her style at first appears really chaotic and silly, but the closer you look into each piece and the details you can see that her outfits are actually very thought out and balanced in terms of colour and patterns and such. She's just awesome, I could only hope to have a sliver of the style she has <3<3<3

  2. This is soooo amazing. I'm obsessed with her style!


  3. I love her style, but I think the blusher is a little too much (or at least, in some of the photos).

  4. Oh my. Here I thought I shouldn't be as flamboyant as I want to be at my age. She has given me something to strive for; and that camouflage jacket is going on my to-do list.