Inspiration - Armani Prive FW09

Armani Prive FW09 chain head piece 3

Armani showed some inspiring 20´s styled flapper head pieces (made from beads/chain?) in his FW2009 couture collection. The material used for these pieces must be really light as the piece cannot be worn with short hair if it is really heavy. I would make the base something sturdy, like oval shaped piece of wool felt cut from a secondhand granny hat, attached with elastic band around your head and hatcomb inside to keep it in place. This project requires loads of patience and handsewing but the reward is so great I´d give it a go. Hopefully this item will be for sale at LuisaviaRoma so I can get better detail shots of the anatomics of it later. Photos via FirstView.

Armani Prive FW09 chain head piece 5
Armani Prive FW09 chain head piece 4
Armani Prive FW09 chain head piece 2Armani Prive FW09 chain head piece

Outi Les Pyy

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