DIY chain harness

park cube DIY chain harness tutorial 1

Harnesses have been quite popular accessories at the fashion blogosphere in the past months. Well why not, they are chic, lightweight, versatile and pretty simple to make if you´ve got a five metres of chain and a pair of pliars. Park & Cube has made a good tutorial on how they´re done. Thrifted necklaces or scrap chains are really good for this projects as the chain does not have to be exactly the same all around. If making one seems too much you can custom order one from NorwegianWood at Etsy or buy one from Litter. I was surprised to find only three sellers that make these for Etsy. I´m sure there would be a market for loads more (wink wink)!

Body chains by Risko at SRC783. Via Circa Now.
SRC783 by Risko chain harness 3

Claire Harness by Leviticus, available at Etsy. Via Haute Macabre.
leviticus chain harness

NorwegianWood chain harness modelled by Rumi at Fashion Toast.
norwegianwood chain harness

Rumi´s own DIY chain harness.
FashionToast DIY chain harness

Handmade chain harness´s by A(r)mor. Available at Etsy.
Armor chain harness

DIY chain harness by CalamityJem.
CalamityJem chain harness

DIY chain harness at Phi-style.
Phi-style DIY chain harness

Outi Les Pyy

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  3. Yours is one of my favorite blogs!! You DIY is THE BEST!! ADD MORE PLEASE, MORE OFTEN!!!!!

    In the second picture, who is she wearing? The girl in all black, wearing the chain harness? Her clothes - not the harness. :)

  4. Thanks! That picture is Risko at SRC783 blog. I think it´s best you write her directly :)

  5. Or you can buy them ready made at xxx

  6. and don't forget! The Chains of Love ;)