A lady wears (leather) gloves

Lulu And Sash gloves at Etsy 2

I can find only TWO shops at Etsy who sell cool looking leather gloves, Lulu & Sash and Lamia Design. Many crafters and DIY'ers are seriously missing out on sales as imaginary leather gloves are a prettty important trend right now. Gloves have taken over fashion blogs (GlovedUp and skeleton gloves at Kingdom of Style just to mention one) in the past month and fall is here soon. Anyone have a bunch of secondhand leather jackets, sewing machine, glove tutorial, some chain, studs and scissors...?

Lulu And Sash gloves at Etsy 3
Lulu And Sash gloves at Etsy 4
Lulu And Sash gloves at Etsy 1

Louloudo skeleton gloves at Etsy.
Skeleton gloves by Louloudo at Etsy

Via DirtyFlaws.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Yes, gloves are the way to go for Fall! Do you know


    They are a glove-manufacturer and run a cool inspiring blog chocked full of glove trends and the sumptuous lines they carry. (A little too painful for my wallet, though, I'm afraid.)

    So inspiring - I think I'll just make my own if I can score some buttery-soft lambskin top splits in cool colors. And remember that mint Balenciaga glove with the one black thumb? That's next on my DIY list!


  2. I am seriously impressed with that first pair. Wow, so gorgous!! Checking out the etsy page now!


  3. This blog actually was great! Sad that your visiters doesnt commentate more!

  4. Anniken, I don´t mind the not-commenting :) As long as people find this blog inspiring and good ideas for DIY projects, I´m happy!

  5. wow, i find it kind of odd that this is spreading...I make 2 finger gloves as well...been making them since summer and now it seems like this trend is everywhere...and its kinda weird how that photograph is photoshoped (mirror image) how I photoshop my gloves on my online store...idk coincidence i guess ? what ev. Just weird.

    heres the link to my store.