Fabric printing inspiration - Hartmann Nordenholz

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Homemade fabric printing doesn´t always have to be unicolored surfaces and shapes. How about spraying but not with spray paints? I mean look at these designs by Hartmann Nordenholz. Pretty wicked, huh? Sure it´s way messier to do something like this so remember to cover surrounding areas with newspapers well. I would make the print color a bit watered down to make it more fluent. Apply color with a spray bottle. All of Hartmann Nordenholz´s fabrics are sprayed with two colors. First place your triangle stencils, spray, change the stencils to a different place and spray with another color. You can either first treat the fabric or sew it together and THEN treat it. Either way I love this technique. Via Fashion156.

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Hartmann Nordenholz 1
Hartmann Nordenholz 2
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  1. These are really cool! Did you see the fabulous textile designs at the New Designers exhibition in London? http://shopcurious.blogspot.com/2009/07/graduating-in-colour.html