DIY marching band vest

Vogue Paris March 2005

Turning a regular men´s vest into a marching band / military styled is quite easy. Find a basic wool vest from a thrift store, buy about 10-12 metres of narrow decorative ribbon and 80 small brass colored buttons. The buttons should be similar sized, but not necessarily the same kind. You can also look up brass colored beads. If you take some time to find the supplies, you should be able to find them all secondhand.

1. Scketch the pattern first onto paper. This vest has 20 loops per side. The ribbon pattern should mimic the vests shape and be as symmetrical as possible. Don´t be shy using a calculator or computer for help.
2. Trace the pattern onto the front pieces with chalk paper.
3. Pin decorative ribbon on to the chalk line.
4. Sew ribbons by hand. Simple stitches will do as this is the most time consuming phase.
5. Sew buttons.

Photo Haute Densité by Patrick Demarchelier, styled by Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris March 2005. Via bien dans sa peau.

Outi Les Pyy

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