Attila Design Vol.2

attiladesign 4a

I was super happy to find Attila Design´s Etsy shop last April. Her design style is constructed, yet feminine shaped and romantically frilled. All her designs come with a curved hem, it´s kinda her signature detail. The other thing that is exeptionally well done (in addition to her designs of course) is the apphearance of her Etsy shop. All the photos have been professionally edited to support the feel of her collection and inspiration. I think more Etsy sellers should do the same. One thing I would add though.. This girl needs a blog so I can keep up with her works. I´d also love to read what inspires her.

attiladesign 7a
attiladesign 9a
attiladesign 6
attiladesign 8a

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I've seen her on Etsy. her clothes is absolutely fantastic !