Crocheted beach hotness

Crocheted swimming suits! They look like Gaultier or Gucci but they´re available at Etsy! Brilliat. At first I was super delighted to find Swimmingsuit´s shop. I could post about yet another crafter and DIY wizz making catwalk styles handmade! After 10 min of googling for "crochet swimsuit" runway inspiration photos, I came across the same garments on several websites, like this BCBG Max Azria Crochet One Piece swimsuit on Nordstrom. Bloody hell!! Of-the-rack´s have found Etsy.... I feel so betrayed right now. Silly me. The professional taken images and a one-word-profile should have tipped me off.. Does anyone know where in Etsy one could report such sellers?? I strongly feel this kind of behaviour and people need to be weeded out from there. Even though the item would be complitely handmade (in some third world country with sweathop labour?) this design is licenced to a major fashion label and therefore not for Etsy. But thankfully this seller is just a peble among pearls. Check out these crocheted supersexy swimsuits by KJGproductions, DORKADE, Artist Ruth and Ira Rott! Smoking hot.

Photos from Swimmingsuit and KJGproductions, DORKADE, Artist Ruth and Ira Rott.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. yeah there is some "flag this user" -function in Etsy. The site (Etsy) is temporarily in maintenance so I couldn't check it for you right now.


  2. Modan jutun perusteella löysin tänne. Ihan ekaks, huomioni kiinnittyi yllättäen kovakoruihisi. Täällähän om vaikka mitä kivaa ja mielenkiintoista. Ja niin tuhottoman paljon, ettei näitä sivuja keralla kahlata läpi ;)

  3. You are so awesome for looking on etsy, recognizing the value of handmade vs. sweatshop labor, and posting handmade alternatives to mass-produced fashion. Were you able to report that seller? I think you can email '' and explain that the items don't appear to be handmade.