DIY leather bow cuff

This leather bow cuff is By B Accessories. Available at PixieMarket. Retailing 49 dollars a piece I think these would make a good DIY project. Especially if you make several ones and wear them like shown in the image above. I´ll make you a pattern this evening and update it to this post when it´s done. Stay tuned!

1. Cut the pattern from leather.
2. Punch a snap on button or sew a regular button (+ button hole).
3. Pinch the bow middles together.
4. Wrap around a narrow strip of leather.
5. Glue strip it with a gluegun or leather glue.

If you want to make one single armpiece with several bows, place them on your arm and pin together. Glue.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. this is brilliant, I must try!

  2. I love it... I'm sure it could be made from fabric as well.

  3. this is so cute! great DIY!