Fabric origami by Fanny and Jessy

FannyAndJessy FW09 7

Inspirational fabric origami works by Fanny and Jessy. The origami is constructed from triangle shaped fabric pieces (edges serged) folded like so and pressed with an iron. Can you se this done from leather?? That would look so amazing.. Just to line the collar of a t-shirt or make a belt, head piece, what ever you can think of! Endless possibilities! I´m also quite fond of the exaggerated, geometric leather fringes in this collection. More photos at Flickr. Via StyleBubble.

FannyAndJessy FW09 5
FannyAndJessy FW09 4
FannyAndJessy FW09 1
FannyAndJessy FW09 6

Outi Les Pyy

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