Gathered kilometres

Tesh Photography Vogue Spain

How many metres of gathered fabric strips do you think this dress has? ...Now multiple that with 2,5 to get the actual fabric amount un-garhered. It´s not metres, kilometres. Gorgeous. To make this use gathered fabric strips that vary in length and width. First pin and sew the flower centre (leave a long tail) and pin it to the dress base. After the flowers have found their places, pin the tails to fill the space in between. With some careful pinning, this kind of fabric detailing can be sewn with all by machine which just makes it so much faster. If you have time to sew it, I´ll have the party to wear it...

Photo by Tesh for Vogue Spain. Via Fashion Indie.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I actually did something very similar to this!

    Check it out here.

    I love your blog, it is so exciting!