Ann Carrington artworks

Ann Carrington artwork Heads She Wins

I´ve said many times that "great numbers (of any item) makes great art". Ann Carrington makes large wall pieces using buttons, safetypins, chain, forks and nails. When the small items, like buttons for example, are organized in a particular shape the material itself disaphears in the form. The piece looks different depending where you look at it. If you´re looking from a distance, you can see the entire form but may not notice the original material, but if you´re looking close up, then you see only the used material and details but not the big picture. Wonderful works of art! This technique can also be applied to clothing decoration. Don´t thrift store button boxes start look prettty inviting...?

Ann Carrington artwork English Rose
Ann Carrington artwork English Rose detail

Ann Carrington pearly queen 1
Ann Carrington pearly queen detail

Ann Carrington Pearly Crown Jewels 1
Ann Carrington Pearly Crown Jewels detail

Ann Carrington Union Jack

Photos via Ann Carrington website.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oi ihan mahtavia! Sain tästä vimman ja vision käyttää pikkunappeja (tylsiä paidannappeja jne) paljetimaisina ryöppyinä esim. vanhaan neuletakkiin kiinnitettynä (harteilla tai joku salama/tähtidetalji tms?). Kiitos taas inspiksen jakamisesta, olet aarre!

  2. Wow, talk about putting effort into your art! They are all totally amazing.x

  3. Amazing! I wonder how long it takes to make a royal crown out of buttons =)