Html help!

That´s it. I need some html-help from you guys. How do I get my images to show as wide as the blog posting area is?? I always choose "large image" when I upload them but they still only show as medium. I have not pre-set the image sizes in my blog picture files to be anything. A fashion blog needs BIG images where you can see details well so can you help me out! How do you get your blog images to appear in a large size? The image above is really 640 x 425 pixels.

Photo by Candysnap.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hi. The pic is as wide as the posting area on my screen. I'm using firefox.

    I uploaded a screenshot to Flickr so you can see.

  2. You have to delete: width: 400px; height: 266px; and write s800 instead of s400 from you photot html code

    (I can't put example html code here ;s)

    And then you also have to change your template, for example Minima Stretch, otherwise big photos doesn't fit to your blog.

    Sorry my bad English, but I hope it helps you


  3. Thats intresting.. I did not realize Firefox shows the blog so diffeently. Thanks guys! I´ll try to adjust the template or image size by hand. I have to be able to make the changes so they also show in Explorer since most of my readers use that..

  4. Muokkaa kuvat koneellasi ensin sen kokoiseksi miksi ne haluaisit (itse käytän photoshoppia ja kuvien leveys 620 pikseliä). Lisää ne sitten jonnekin kuvapalvelimelle kuten imageshackiin tai tinypiciin. Postausta kirjoittaessasi sitten laitat sinne bloggerin html-puolelle sen suoran html-kuvakoodin haluamaasi kohtaan img src-komennon kautta
    < img src = "linkki tähän" > (ota tuosta kaikki tyhjät välit pois, blogger ei anna postata tänne html-kieltä kommenttiboksiin).
    Toivottavasti oli selkeä selitys!:)

  5. i'm using firefox too, and i don't see the image the same as Ms Constantine...

  6. I used to battle the Blogger template for bigger column width (and thus bigger photo width), but have converted back to a standard Minima template. Now just resize all my photos to 450 pixels width maximum, no matter what, so nothing is cropped out of the photos.

  7. I'm using Firefox and the images look just fine. I would change the blog template instead of tweaking image sizes manually. Good blog templates render the same way for all major browsers, after all we are living in 2009 not 1999 right now! Manual tweaking may offer temporary relief but will bite you in the ankle later.

  8. I use Opera and the image looks small. I had this problem with my own blog & so I started uploading my pics from Flickr (instead of using the blog uploader), choosing a slightly larger size than I needed, and adding [width="xx"] to the html code ("xx" = width in pixels). Works like a charm! <3

  9. i use firefox, but i don't see the image like ms constantine either, she probably changed some settings. you can do that in internet explorer too :P but anyway, i can't help you

  10. Hey Outi! I had the same problem - so I found the easiest solution was to upload the photos to either Flickr or Photobucket first - NOT in the "upload a photo" function for your blogger post. Only then will they appear the size they are, and you can resize as you want to squeeze them inside your template column - make sure they aren't too big, or they will overlap into your other column...
    Once you upload your photos into Flickr or photobucket, grab the html code from the page, copy and paste into your blog post (in the html edit view), then toggle back to the "edit post" view and resize using those little pulltabs on the corners - until they are the numerical size you want them to be. Soooo much easier than manually changing the width etc. manually!! Drop and resize, baby!

  11. I agree with Carly. Upload your photos to Flickr first and use the code that Flickr will give you to post a large size (or whatever size you choose) version of the photo on your blog. Visitors to your blog will be able to click the photo and go to the original on Flickr and see an even larger image.

    I know it sounds like more work, but once you get in the habit, it's easy and you NEVER have to worry about the problems that some bloggers seem to have sometimes when blogger won't let them upload their images.

  12. I agree with Riikka 100%! Upgrade your template to a new professional template and you will be so much happier. I found a great free one here.
    Its fairly easy to do but might take you the better part of the day to complete if you are planning to add widgets and stuff.
    Love your blog. Just found it today. I'm getting ready to do a diy fashion post and will be including your link.

  13. Thanks for all your ideas and help!! I´ll see if my html-skils are good enough for a new layout. So please don´t me mad if the site looks a bit funny in the upcoming weeks.. :) I could use a new look for my blog..