Costume Renaissance millstone collars

In case you didn´t know I´m a huge fan of period dressing and especially millstone collars. I´ve been planning to make myself one for ages from thrifted light weight curtains and lace ribbons. They have a special technique to making them and I´ve never gotten to the bottom of it so this project has been standing still forever. Thank God for Queen Michelle and Queen Marie at Kingdom Of Style. The made a post about Etsy and a small picture of a black millstone collar caught my eye.. Made by Costume Renaissance. She makes millstone collars in different sizes and colors. And may I add very beautiful and authentic looking collars! This accessorie is one of those pieces that will highlight any outfit, mordern or historical. I´ve been dreaming of a b&w portrait photo taken of me (my second name is Elisabeth!) wearing one of these. Just imagine, the whole family photographed wearing millstone collars in b&w, even the dog/cat. F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.

Found via Kingdom Of Style.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. These are also part of a traditional folk costume here in the Czech Republic... just a few weeks ago, I discussed it with a lady who's making the costumes (read: she talked and I carefully listened). She did not really tell me the technique, but I remember that she talked about curling iron being used, and a lot of fabric going into it (about 1,20 meter). And then I found this: Maybe this costumer could give you tips on making them, as she had to figure it out, too?