Fibonacci sequence handcrafted home decor

MSTRF Farzan Nemat 1

I just found this amazing shop on Etsy featuring wall decor and furniture by California-based artisan Farzan Nemat from MSTRF. He makes and sells these beautiful, and unique ABACI coffee tables and bed headboards. ABACI is MSTRF´s first collection, and is created around the ideas of “golden” proportion, sacred geometry and the mathematical Fibonacci sequence. Farzan designs and builds all of his furniture out of a small wood shop in Orange County, where all furniture are built upon request and takes between 2 and 4 weeks to complete. Visit MSTRF’s shop to view the entire collection.

MSTRF Farzan Nemat 3
MSTRF Farzan Nemat 2
MSTRF Farzan Nemat 4

Source Creative Home Interior, photos from MSTRF´s Etsy shop.

Outi Les Pyy

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