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One part of sustainable fashion is the versatility of an garment. The more ways one piece can be worn the less you need to stuff your wardrobe with new clothes for different occations. Finnish fashion designer Sveta Planman from Jolier has designed a garment that can be worn in 59 different ways. It´s called Jolier One. They are also made from recycled fabrics and appropriately named Jolier One Reclaimed. The design is simple and very clever, a long regtangle piece with (corset) hook tape sewn onto the long sides + small elastic suspenders. The hook tape allows the piece to be attached and dressed in various forms and suspenders double up as straps or belt. Don´t believe me? Have a look here.

Jolier One 1

All are made 100% in Finland and the manufacturing process creates no waste or leftover materials. To see this dress-up cameleon in action, visit Wikke´s blog MikäMikäMaa and Maria´s blog Heijastuspinta. Jolier One available in Helsinki at Design Forum Shop and Jolier One Reclaimed at Secco Shop. See Jolier´s homepage for other shops for availability in Finland, Europe and online stores. The price varies depending on what material it is made of. In Design Forum the Jolier One polyester mix is 89eur and woollen one 99eur. In Secco Shop Jolier One Reclaimed costs 95 eur. This garment is many so pieces in one that I don´t think the price is high. But if you are a DIY person like me, this design can also be created at home. For international sales, I hope Jolier One Reclaimed finds it´s way soon also to Etsy.

Jolier One worn by Maria from Heijastuspinta. More photos found in Flickr.
Heijastuspinta Jolier One 4
Heijastuspinta Jolier One 3
Heijastuspinta Jolier One 2

Jolier One worn by Wikke from MikäMikäMaa.
Wikke in Jolie One 5
Wikke in Jolie One 6
Wikke in Jolie One 3
Wikke in Jolie One 7

Found via Green Fashion Freak. Read more about Jolier at News.

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  1. Thanks for using my photos and linking! :) Jolier ONE really is such a great piece of clothing ^^