DIY Slash sleeve top

Even though the price tag on this ASOS Slash Sleeve top is only 18 pounds I´d still DIY it rather than buy it. Making this yourself propably takes you less time than ordering it online and you get to wear it imediately! No shipping costs added.

Found via Park&Cube.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i saw it too!
    and i diy-ed the rodarte dress you wrote about in your previous post :D

    tutorial and photos here.

  2. mine just would not come out this well.

  3. Ooh that's so great. I just wonder how they do that tho.. if I did it it would prob look horrible ;oP

  4. how did you do this??i cant seem to find a decent tutorial on slashing tees.i know its probably simple but im slow

  5. First you draw a line (with fabric marker)defining the area that is slashed/cut. In this shirt it is the entire sleeve and top bodice. Then draw the area full of vertical lines, about 1/2 inches apart. These are your cut lines. Don´t cut over any seams.

    Here is a link to a similar project I have done in the past. Hopefully it will help you get the idea. Look at images 3 and 4.