DIY Inspiration - Marni studded spat pumps

Net-a-Porter has these gorgeous Marni spat pumps for sale. The suede pumps have a removable patent leather press-stud cuff. I love how the masculine studded white spat acompanies the feminine 50´s shaped peep-toe heels. Such mob chic! I´m so waiting for Johnny´s Public Enemy to ...

I see two ways to make these :
1. Studs replaced with spikes in the front to keep the spat in place (requires making a few holes in the shoe). Elastic band behind the heel.
2. Make the white spat with studs. Elastic band behind the heel and under the foot arch. Only the elastics will hold the spat in place.

Marni FW09 Suede peep-toe platforms 3
Marni FW09 Suede peep-toe platforms 5
Marni FW09 Suede peep-toe platforms 4

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. ... or how about the real thing from ShopCurious?

  2. Great ide´r. love the pumps ;)