Garment graffiti by Thomas Voorn

This guy, Thomas Voorn, arranges and folds clothes and other things to make letters and words. Objects to short messages. The "garment graffiti" messages as he calls them, can be temporary or permanent. Temporary as the clothes are mearly folded to shape, maybe to a public place, where they can be recollected and recycled after use. The clothes and background fabric can also be treated with fabric stiffner to make the form permanent. Fabric stiffners are very versatile in crafting. They can be used for textile art, Christmass decorations and home decor projects like those clothing lamps, my friend Pauliina makes. As I looked up DIY fabric stiffners, I came across this conversation at Yahoo Answers, a how-to at Altered Dreams and instructions at GroupRecipies that suggests to make it from water and glue mixed (in a spray bottle). Clothes graffitti would look quite super in craft fair booth signs. Or maybe a new logo for trashion to use in blog headers, hang tags or business cards?! I wonder what my husband would say if one Sathurday morning he finds "Love U" written on the bathroom floor by using his dirty clothes from the wash bin..? I´m sure it would be a Kodak-moment.

Outi Les Pyy

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