Diy ideas - Borba Margo Fall 2009 collection

Borba Margo FW09 accessories 4

Amazing design and DIY potential from Borba Margo Fall 2009 accessories collection. Very clever detailing. I love the square shaped bag, with zipper closure as arm hole as I´ve never seen zips used in such a way. This might be an idea to develop further to upcycled totebags and tees/tops (take notes trashion designers!!). Via Kingdom Of Style.

Borba Margo FW09 accessories 3
Borba Margo FW09 bag 2
Borba Margo FW09 accessories 1

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. When I saw this on Kingdom of style I thought exactly the same. That bag could be a potential DIY project for the future!

  2. Upea laukku, loistava muotoilu ja oivaltava idea!