DIY denim shirtskirt by Sue

Suesang shirtskirt

DIY denim shirtskirt by Sue at Scrape It like Sue fashion blog. With tutorial. The style is very similar to the one I made for YLE TV1 Summeri-program a month ago. Fast and easy! Good DIY project for beginner trashionistas and thrifted mens shirts. In my design I also used the sleeves to make a bow-belt in the back of the skirt.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. how funny :o I made a skirt like that back in april. I posted a small tutorial too. It´s in the end of this post:


    jenna /wanted9097

  2. Not weird, it´s a clothing recon classic! BUT she was the first I´ve spotted that made a photo tutorial about it and there fore I posted it :D