Lina Österman FW09

Lina Osterman FW09 1

I think it´s finally safe to say that shredded jerseys and fringes are here to stay. Introduced in early FW08, mainstream in SS09 but definately carrying on to FW09 and even perhaps to SS10. Lina Österman is at least still doing it in her FW09 collection. The idea itself is not really new anymore, but I´d love to know how much one of her shredded tees retail? For me it takes now about 2-3 hours to unravel both front, back and sleeves. Of course I could not manage to fill an entire shop with them.. Check out her SS2009 colection at The Fashionisto. Photos from 1113.

Lina Osterman FW09 6
Lina Osterman FW09 4
Lina Osterman FW09 2
Lina Osterman FW09 7

Outi Les Pyy

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