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ReborneJewelry 1

I regulary browse Etsy for inspiration and searching for new talent. Zipper necklace is one of my monthly searches as zippers are my main material. I was happy to see that many crafters have come up with new-looking zipper jewelry designs. Of course zipper jewelry veterans like Kate Cusack´s works are always pleasing for the eye. I love working with zippers because of their versatility. They can be formed in numerous shapes which makes them an exellent material for designers and home crafters to work with.

Zipper necklaces Reborne Jewelry.
ReborneJewelry 3
ReborneJewelry 2

Necklaces and brooches by DailyJumpsuit.
DailyJumpsuit fringe zipper necklace 2
DailyJumpsuit ruffle zipper necklace
DailyJumpsuit 1

Necklace and harness by Naked Label.
NakedLabel zipper vest
NakedLabel zipper knot necklace

Zipper accessories by The Lady B.
The Lady B zipper accessories 1
The Lady B zipper accessories 2

Zipper jewelry by Simplecut. I also love her clothing designs!
SimpleCut zipper necklace

Zipper necklace and earrings by Silviasthink.
Silviasthink zipper necklace
Silviasthink zipper earring

Zipper pull necklace by FashionSaboteur.
FashionSaboteur zipper pull necklace

Rose brooch by Zippinning.
Zippinning rose brooch
Zippinning gray flower brooch

Outi Les Pyy

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