AirMail dressing

Hehey! My latest DIY MissMix magazine fashion tutorial is out. How to make AirMail inspired fashions with fabric printing supplies. Letters used to carry news and stories from around the world before e-mail was invented and the world became a very small place. Hussein Chalayan designed a folding envelope dress 10 years ago and since envelope styled pieces have been seen every now and then, the latest being the Fall 2009 coLlection by Daydream Nation. The AirMail print can be made to almost any plain colored piece of clothing, like a t-shirt or skirt. I made it to a white short sleeved shirt. Finnish tutorial can be found at MissMix magazine and the English (translations coming this evening) tutorial at Flickr.

Step 20

Inspiration for Air Mail styled fashion projects:

Envelope dress and t-shirt by Daydream Nation, Fall 2009 collection. In a magazine and worn by Style Bubble.
envelope t-shirt and skirt by Daydream Nation
envelope t-shirt Daydream Nation
envelope Daydream Nation dress
envelope daydream nation dress StyleBubble 2
envelope daydream nation dress StyleBubble 1

Envelope jacket by Hussein Chalayan. Also worn by Björk on one of her album covers.
envelope chalayan jacket
envelope chalayan jacket Björk

This is the original folding AirMail dress by Hussein Chalayan designed in 1999.
envelope chalayan dress 2
envelope chalayan dress 1

Envelope clutch by Paul Smith.
envelope paul smith clutch

Envelope fashions donot have to be made on a white base. Black, gray and other colors work as well.
envelope clutch bag 3
envelope clutch bag 2

Air Mail styled Mighty Wallet.
envelope Mighty Wallet

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Very clever! Can't wait for the English tutorial.

  2. Suloisia ideoita!! Varsinkin iltalaukut ja lompakot tosi sööttejä.

  3. I love your version! Excellent job, can't wait to read the tutorial.

  4. Minuakin viehättivät kirjekuorilaukut ja penaalit. Varsinkin Paul Smith!

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