Studded Fall hair

Zac Posen FW09 hairband 1

Zac Posen just made my Top 3 list for Fall 2009 collections. His latest designs are a beautiful combination of neo-victorian looks with a touch of 80´s ladies power dressin. Firsview showed some detail shots from the collection and I immediately fell in love with the studded braided hairbands. Zac propably made them from fake locks (extensions re-fashioning anyone??) but I´d use leather and elastic band.

Zac Posen FW09 hairband 7
Zac Posen FW09 hairband 2

And could this be a glue gun DIY project for prom?

Zac Posen FW09 hairband 5

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. deffinately a d.i.y project to be made from this post!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. . . . . . . like you said with leather and then a totally contrasting material like soft ribbon, and then with studs to finish it off

  3. studded headbands. Now this is the best thing I have seen all season.


  4. I made one of these! Only with slightly less spiky studs. You can see it here:

    I like the idea of a studded leather headband too! I have some leftover fake leather from a skirt so I might have a go tonight, thanks for the idea.

  5. Fritha Louise, your studded-hair-headband rocks! Great job :)