Fleamarket chic

Morgane Dubled photographed by Craig McDean

- Frumpy? Used? Wrinkled? Old looking?
- Absolutely. Yes. A little. I don´t think so..
- Wanna play dress up???!
- Kulahtanutta? Käytettyä? Ryppyistä? Vanhanaikaista?
- Ehkä. Todellakin. Vähäsen. No eikä!.....
- Leikitäänkö hienoa rouvaa??! :D

Ad campaigns for UFF and Fida should look like this, because this is what I see when I go Thrift shopping. Maybe I should write the producers of Finland´s Next Super Model or Finland´s Project Runway to ask if they could set something up for next season. Morgane Dubled photographed by Craig McDean. Via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Outi Les Pyy

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