DIY paint splattered jeans

Inspiration book - Jeans painting and coloring 2

I love artist´s or workmens paint splattered jeans and trousers. The Ongoing Project made a tutorial on how to make them. Inspiration for this project was taken from Alexander McQueen Resort 2010 collection. Also check out my post on IMPASSE DE LA DeFENSE by Karim Bonnet. If you´re into paint splatters I recommend finding a real pair of painters pants so you can study the anatomy of authentic looking paint stains before starting to work on your own.

DIY paintsplattered jeans 1
DIY paintsplattered jeans 2

Alexander McQueen Summer 2010 Resort collection:
Alexander McQueen Resort Summer 2010 3
Alexander McQueen Resort Summer 2010 4
Alexander McQueen Resort Summer 2010 2

DIY paintsplattered jeans Bossanova Studios

Pics from, Bossanova Studio, My Inspiration scrapbook and The Ongoing Project.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I made a pair of paint splattered jeans last summer using acrylic paints! ...great inspiration!
    if you want to see mine: :)