DIY fashion inspiration - Shredded tye-dye tees

SippinOnHaterade at Etsy tye-dye shredded tee

To be honest I´ve never been a big fan of tie-dye fashion. They just have "hippy" written all over them.. When I met my husband 10 years ago he had loads of tye-dye. It took me years to quietly sneak them all out to recycling. To this day I believed it was all for his best (styling) intrests but now I kinda wish I wouldn't have done that.. I found this today at Etsy and tye-dye tees look pretty rad when shredded. A fresh variation to the shredding-trend. Sippin On Dat Haterade makes and sells them at Etsy. If I had some at home tie-dye home now I´d have it done by this evening when I go out.. My husband will get the last laugh this time. Bummer.

SippinOnHaterade at Etsy tye-dye shredded tee

Outi Les Pyy

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