DIY fashion inspiration - Hong Kong Fashion Week

Prudence Mak Fall 2009

Prudence Mak black distressed denim chess appliques, fabric scrap jacket and weaved fabric strip dress.

Prudence Mak Fall 2009b
Prudence Mak Fall 2009 3
Prudence Mak Fall 2009 2

Replace the golden ribbons and bias-tape with metal zippers and you´ve got yourself trashion couture. Ali Charisma´s Summer 2010:

Ali Charisma SS10 01
Ali Charisma SS10 05b

Fabric can also be knotted and bound to create 3D effects. And these plastic scales are fabulous. Ali Charisma´s Fall 2009:

Ali Charisma FW09 scale dresses
Ali Charisma FW09 knotted dresses

Lim HyunHee Fall 2009 dyed crochet tablecloths dress:

Lim HyunHee Fall 2009 2

Leung Wing Sum Fall 2009 ripped fabrics:

Leung Wing Sum Fall 2009 1

Old fashioned mens shirt fabrics combined with denim and lace. By Ika Butoni:

Ika Butoni

Photos from Hong Kong Fashion Week. Via and Style Discovery at Flickr.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love the last Ika Butoni image - love the shirt & the overskirt.

  2. love love love what I would do