Heavy duty jewelry inspiration from Lanvin

Lanvin FW09 23

Today Firstview released some photos from the Fall 2009 Lanvin collection details. My jaw dropped when I saw the size, weight and shapes of the metal bits used in the necklaces. I feel like raiding my local Recycle Centre for all used door and cabinet hindges, door handle mountings and metal tubing, pipe connectors, big bolts and all sorts of other weird looking bits of industrial and household scrap metal. Maybe some could be glued together with a glue gun (not the craft stuff...use pro-glue). Bind and tie them together with large spraypainted wooden beads, large fake pearls and satin ribbon. You with me?!

Lanvin FW09 29
Lanvin FW09 30
Lanvin FW09 13
Lanvin FW09 24

Photos via Firstview.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Those pieces are awesome. Let us see, what do you assemble from the spare parts!