New necklaces in progress

OutsaPop zipper necklace pol 2-pola01
OutsaPop zipper necklace pol 1-pola

New zipper necklace in progress. I´m kinda enjoying this as I haven´t made them in a while. If you want to see more, here´s a link to my Zipper Pieces photo gallery.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. The things you do with zippers are amazing! I'm actually astounded :O They looks so complicated... How much time does making them take?

  2. Thanks so much! One necklace is about 20 hours. 2 hours pinning it to form, 1 hour taking it off the dummy and the rest handsewing. I usually work them in the evenings while watching tv :) It took me a while to grasp the zipper forming and sewing technique, but patience payed off eventually.

  3. I love these SO much. You really do an amazing job!