Edward de Lacy

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Dear Mr. Edward de Lacy. I´ve been watching and droooling after your works from Etsy for quite some time now. I still have no idea how your stunning bags have been constructed so I cannot even begin to try to imitate your bags design in my DIY projects. I just know I need 400 bucks so I can get my hands on one of these new studded babies. Intrested on a zipper necklace exchange???? :D Yours, Outi

Aren´t these bags amazing?! I case you´ve never heard of Etsy before, it´s an online shopping place for handmade thigns. Anyone can put up shop there if you make stuff yourself and want to sell them online. These De Lacy bags are 100% handmade and unique pieces of leather craft.. I honestly don´t understand why anyone would pay 1000 dollars to buy a high street fashion it-bag when artists like De Lacy are out there!

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Toi viimeinen ja sininen on ehkä hienoin laukku IKINÄ! Miksimiksimiksi laitoit siitä kuvan?? Nyt en saa enää illalla unta :S

  2. this is seriously the sexiest bag i have everrr seen in my life omg i need!

    the diary of a fashion junkie.

  3. Joku muukin löysi Lacyn :-) On tosiaankin wow wow wow laukkuja!

  4. They are amazing! 400$ is still too much for me, though. Just a poor student.

  5. Oh... Love studs. Bags are sooo fabulous.
    I like second and 4th.
    Come to me: