Punk bling from Tom Binns

Tom Binns designs jewelry with trashy class and a little neon punk rock flash. Binns is the trendsetter of neon colored paints combined with chunks of vintage jewelry. The perfect way to wear all your shiny ones at once! You´ve propably seen them in Vogue and Elle editorials in the past summer. Of course you could do the same without spraypainting the safety pins first, but to me the effect would not be the same. All though I love piles of vintage chrystal and pearl necklaces...

Here´s how you can DIY your own Tom Binns inspired punk bling:
1. Spray paint some safety pins (I prefer to use car spraypaints).
2. Gather your favorite pearls and chrystall necklaces, here 5-8 pcs.
3. Organize the necklaces by using pins and a fitting dummy for help, if you´ve got one.
4. Pin the necklaces together with safety pins.

Photo From Vogue February 2009 magazine article.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. so something I would do! so fab! love the green mixed in!

  2. Tom Binns is an absolute GOD! So many of his things are very DIYable & just so clever!!! He is my latest jewelry making love LOL. XOXO, MissAmy