Recycled jacket pillows

CoatCheck reclaimed fur pillows 1

These gorgeous caramel colored French Rabbit pillows are made from a reclaimed vintage fur coats. By The Coat Check at Etsy. Too bad to see their closing up their shop, so if you want these, go get them now!

Reusing secondhand fur in DIY, craft and recycling projects is still deviding opinions on the green fronts. But it always comes down to personal choice. I´m pro-secondhand-fur. Buying newly produced fur is something I´m agaist but secondhand fur.. I´d hate to see something so gorgeous and luxurious being tossed to the landfills just because it is fur or if the coat is broken or outdated.. Many fur coats have quite a lot of material in them and the fur is allready treated. All you need is a fur sewing machine because fur cannot be sewn with a regular sewing machine. Not many crafters have the skills to work with fur, so if you do it´s an advantage. Besides I know many of my friends have vintage fur coats, but are affraid to wear them, so these pillows could be an exellent project so they could still get something luxurious for their home. The customers are all ready there.

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CoatCheck reclaimed fur pillows 2

It´s Sunday morning here and I´m still dreaming of comfortable pillows... These Alphabet-styled decorative pillows are made from refashioned mens suit jackets. By Hilary Cosgrove at Etsy.

Hilary Cosgrove Alphabet pillows

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