DIY accessories - Philip Treacy Couture fascinators

Philip Treacy Couture 21

Philip Treacy hats rock. If Grace Jones has worn them throughout her career they are certainly superstylish. These Andy Warhol inspired fascinators are from Treacy´s SS2003 collection. Gotto zerox myself a few... Here´s how to make one for yourself.

You´ll need:
photo sourced online and printed on photopaper
OR a photo cut from a magazine
cardboard paper (spraypainted black from reverse side)
needle and thread
paper glue or spray on photoglue
black elastic band
carpet knife
metal wire
hair band

1. Cut two thin holes to the cardboard paper.
2. Measure the elastic band to fit around your head and thread it through the holes.
3. Sew the elastic band ends closed.
4. Glue a piece of paper on top of the elastic band opening to cover it. This also enables the elastic band to move freely under the fascinator image.
5. Glue your picture on to the cardboard.
6. Cut the image edges in shape with a carpet knife.

Philip Treacy Couture 8
Philip Treacy Couture 16

Or if you want the image to be more vertical..

1. Glue the image/images onto the cardboard with 1-2 metal wires placed in the middle.
2. Cut the image edges in shape with a carpet knife.
3. Bind the metal wire onto your hair band.

Philip Treacy Couture 19
Philip Treacy Couture 12
Philip Treacy Couture 11

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oh, Philip Treacy can really do no wrong! What a great DIY project - - maybe for a hat party or I'll bet kids would think this was silly and fun minus the sharp knives, of course! :)