OutsaPop Trashion DIY t-shirt hobo bag

OutsaPop Trashion large t-shirt hobo bag 3

Large trashion hobo bag I made from two band t-shirts for MissMix magazine September issue. Finnish tutorial with pictures at MissMix website. ENGLISH TUTORIAL COMING SOON. I´ll just have to translate the instructions... The instruction-photos are uploaded to Flickr.

OutsaPop Trashion large t-shirt hobo bag 2
OutsaPop Trashion large t-shirt hobo bag 5

Photo Mika Pollari.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I loved this bag! Now I can do something with my old band tees!

  2. Can't wait to see the tutorial in English! Nice work!

  3. Tämä täytyy tehdä ja ostaa MissMix! Ihanan iso ja ekologinen veska <3

  4. This is brilliant! I am so into refashioning T's at the moment and this is the best idea I have seen yet, Thank you Outi!
    I think the boyfriend's t-shirt collection may be getting smaller every day......

  5. where is the english translation?

  6. Sorry guys.... I havn´t gotten round to it yet. Bare with me, please. I´ll try to get them done this evening.

  7. What a nice blog you have..thanks for all this information

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  9. Dear Custom T-shirts. Trashionistas do not use factory-made brand/company logo products... It might look pro but they have no soul. I make my own business cards and gifts, only from recycled materials.

    The best way to add that special touch to an event or occation is to DIY! :)