Anita Quansah fabric jewelry

Anita Quansah 13

Anita Quansah creates the kind of handmade gems that you usually find after much hunting around on Etsy. The heavily embellished vintage fabrics bound with chains and pearls create a really organic look yet I could easily see these pieces work in a very avant–garde editorial if styled the right way. Her pieces are created from vintage and recycled fabrics which are deconstructed and meticulously fused together using different textile techniques.

Anita Quansah 05
Anita Quansah 12
Anita Quansah 10
Anita Quansah 04
Anita Quansah 11
Anita Quansah 08

Via Fashion 156 blog. Photos from Flickr.

Outi Les Pyy

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