Thrifted lace and crochet

lace jewelry display by ResurrectionFern

Thrifted lace and crocheted tablecloths and ribbons inspiration for home decor and dressing up. Remember that if white and off-white are not your favorite colors, most laces and especially crocheted textiles can be dyed to almost any color in the washing machine. I use Dylon and Nitor dyes. Top image a jewelry display made from a crocheted table cloth by ResurrectionFern.

Lace necklace by BitterBethany.

lace necklace by BitterBethany

Lace earrings by Whiteowl Remade.

lace earrings by Whiteowl Remade

Crocheted napkin ring by Andrea Singarella.

lace napkin ring by Andrea Singarella

Crocheted shelves decor by kimhas6cats.

lace shelves by kimhas6cats

Via Desire To Inspire.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. wow the lace is amazing. i love the earrings.

  2. Will the dye ruin the lace? I have one I want to dye but have been apprehensive abt doing it....

  3. With dye jobs it´s always a surprise. The dye itself doesn´t usually damage the fabric (or lace), but the fabric needs to be cleaned well before the dyeing as dirt can effect the dye result. Also the dye temperature is important. If you´re able to dye in cool water, it´s better as cool water does not shrink the lace. Most laces are made from viscose, silk or cotton mixtures and they do not tolerate hot water washing.