Refashioning boyfriend jeans

boyfriend jeans

Slouchy boyfriend jeans can be problematic. They look super cool when they fit perfect, but what is you find a secondhand jean that has the nice loose fit on the leg but it is way too big on the waist. Of course you can wear them really low on the hips or paperbag them with a belt.. First of all turning the leg ends and high heels are a styling must. But there are also other re-fashioning options.

This girl has made her boyfriend jeans look more like thai fishermans pants by pleating the front clousure and moving/adding a waist button more to the side. This works well if the denim is light weight enough to be pleated. I cannot see from the picture what has happened to the zipper, but I suspect it has also been moved.(Photos from Facehunter)

Facehunter fishermans jeans 2
Facehunter fishermans jeans 1

Diagonal zipper clousure by Antonio Marras. Photo from my inspiration book.

boyfriend jeans inspiration book

Celeb style boyfriend jeans, Katie Holmes.

boyfriend jeans Katie Holmes

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I did some boyfriend jeans myself,too. From the real my boyfriend can take a look :)