Eco warrior gear by Scott Wilson

eco-warrior Anna Selezneva styled by Sarah Richardson in i-D

Russian model Anna Selezneva portrays an ‘Eco-Warrior’ in i-D magazine’s Fall 2009 issue. The black and white editorial was photographed by Richard Bush in the British highlands. Sarah Richardson styled the shoot. The bejeweled bottle cap and studded battle helmet is made by Scott Wilson. Scott is a jewellery designer who studied at the millinery at the Royal College of Art. While still in college he won a work placement with Karl Largefield in Paris whom he was commissioned by to make “mystical” wire head and body pieces for a fashion show. After a few seasons of making these pieces his work became very recognizable in the fashion industry. He has also collaborated with other fashion houses, like Hussein Chalayan. Photo via Rack And Ruin.

Outi Les Pyy

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