DIY classic - shredded tees

Stella ParasAikaVuodesta in OutsaPop shredded Marimekko 2

One feature in sustainable fashion consumption is the search for trends that last for many seasons. But filling your wardrobe with classic items does not mean they have to be boring. It can also mean classic DIY which for me includes Raquel Allegra inpired shredded tees, studded things, worn denim, refashioned leather, chain and zipper accessories just to name a few. Some of my older readers might have noticed that I post about same looking DIY ideas and trends regulary over and over again. This is not because I could not find something new to post about, but more that I believe that trend is a DIY classic in the making and therefore the subject is still very fashionable. Also I love to introduce more and more DIYers that create the same trend, but with their own individual style and workmethods. I´m sort of reporting the evolution of a DIY trend.

Shredded tees are one of my favorite (unisex!) DIY classics as they are a good project for beginners and they do not require a sewing machine. Just a seam ripper. Some have argued that the shredded tees that I make from secondhand Marimekko jerseys is "destroying a classic". I disagree. If thrift stores have loads of something just laying there and not many want to wear them anymore as they are, I feel that a little upgrading and refashioning is needed. If these Marimekko shirts were a rare find, I´d suggest to leave them as they are. But in Finland we have more of them than we can possibly wear so I´m sure my shredding will not make this fashion classic extinct. On the contrary, it just gets people to wear them that would not wear it otherwise!

Stella from Paras Aika Vuodesta is one of those people that wouldn't normally touch a Marimekko stripey tee, but the shredded detail persuaded her different. This girl usually wears all black so I´m quite proud I was able to sneak a little white stripes in her wardrobe. A music enthusiast that she is.

Stella ParasAikaVuodesta in OutsaPop shredded Marimekko 3

Shredded jersey dresses by Urban Revisions at Etsy.

Urban Revisions shredded tees 1
Urban Revisions shredded tees 4
Urban Revisions shredded tees 7
Urban Revisions shredded tees 5

Shredded jersey dresses by AlectoNyx at Etsy.

alectonyx shredded jersey dress
alectonyx shredded jersey dress

Shredded tees by Lucite Skull at Etsy. I love the way he has styled his shirts from tee to cape to scarfs. Very versatile.

Shredded tees by Lucite Skull at Etsy 2
Shredded tees by Lucite Skull at Etsy 1
Shredded tees by Lucite Skull at Etsy 4
Shredded tees by Lucite Skull at Etsy 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i bought a few things from UrbanRevisions in the spring and the quality is great!

  2. I LOVE love LOVE shredded tees!!! especially love the striped one!

    i tried to do a shredded tee on my own but it wasn't as cool as these tees

  3. You can was these shirts in the machine with your normal laudry! I do. Just gather the shredded part together with two ribbons and place the garment inside a washing bag. This way it should not get tangled with the other clothes. Open the ribbons after wash, straighten the garment and hang dry.

  4. Miten tämä siis tehdään? Olisi tooosi kiva koittaa, mutta en todella oel ikinä tehnyt mitään.

  5. OH WOW! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog, Dear : ) Great Blog BTW

  6. awesome! and quite random, while looking through your amaaazing blog I found myself featured. I feel very very flattered :D,to be honest it made my day :) thank you so very much