More Martin Curba´s cord fashions

Tramando Martin Churba cord shoulders

If the previous Tramando works were too colorful for your taste, here are some more photos of designer Martin Churba´s cord fashions (which seems to be a trend in SS10 catwalks) that I found from Flickr. The cord bound shoulder pieces are quite fabulous, especially when dyed all black. One could use all sorts and different widths of interior decoration cords for making them and then paint (fabric paints) or dye the whole thing in one color.

Tramando Martin Churba cord shoulders detail
Tramando Martin Churba cord top
Tramando Martin Churba top

Magazine: Cosas Moda
Photos: Soto
Styling: Luigi
Art Direction: Nagisa
Makeup and Hair: Orana
Model: Mailen

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hello! im from Argentina and its so cool and crazy at the same time to see you publishing about an argentinian disigner, considering we are in totally separeted points across the World! but i guess that´s the magic of internet right?lol love your blog i visit it all the time¡! you allways give such greats ideas! keep on like this!