Garbage Dress wing harnesses

Garbage Dress leather wing harness 3

I´ve been admiring the Zana Bayne harnesses on her blog for a while now and she has finally opened and Garbage Dress Etsy shop yesterday. Yey!

If you want to have a go yourself, wing harnesses are just the kind of project to make when you have some leather pieces laying around that are too thick to use in clothing otherwise. And if you don´t have any but need some, most 70´s secondhand (tooled) leather bags have just the kind of leather in them. The bag can be cut to bits if the shoulder strap or zipper is broken and it cannot be fixed anymore. And don´t worry about the color. If it is real leather, it can be dyed with basic shoe colors. Note that you´ll need a few leather tools though, like a heavy duty carpet knife and hole puncher. Some shoemakers can also make the holes for you if you ask them. Attach the wings to vintage suspenders with spikes and you´re all set!

Garbage Dress leather wing harness 4
Garbage Dress leather wing harness 2
Garbage Dress leather wing harness 1
Garbage Dress leather wing harness 5
Garbage Dress leather wing harness 6

Trashion version: use broken, secondhand tooled bags with thick leather, spikes (with screws) and suspenders to make this.

Hand tooled vintage purse
leather tools

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love how they look with the sweater in the first photo!

  2. oooh studs! I love studs, and those lapels too!